Ofertas de trabajo para hispanohablantes en Dinamarca

Agencias matrimoniales Filipinas – 51242

Servicio domestico en Madrid Madrid Im looking for a job right now. Im Mark Paul 29 years old. Im willing to work as interno or externo depends on what are you looking for. I have a knowledge and experience of taking care of house like doing house chores, like cleaning, ironing. Regarding of cooking i know how to cook in our local cuisine which is Filipino foods. But i can learn how to cook Spanish food as well if it s necessary.

Servicio domestico interna filipina en Madrid

Andrés N. En este país también es posible trabajar sin saber danés y una de las cualidades que puedes aprovechar es el español. Our ballet company language is English, therefore fluency all the rage both written and spoken English is a requirement. Willingness and aptitude en route for learn new skills Fluency in add languages is beneficial ex. Danish, Spanish, German, Mandarin Take initiative in answer to direction. A proactive approach en route for daily tasks.

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